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Technical Specifications

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Technical Information and Details

The PIR core is manufactured by mixing two chemical streams with appropriate catalysts and a blowing agent, Pentane; which has zero ozone depleting potential. Polyisocyanurate (PIR) is rigid polyurethane foam that can be used in the manufacture of, either flat panel or profiled panel solutions, to meet a variety of applications where a light weight insulated fire resistant panel solution is required.
The outstanding thermal performance of PIR allows our buildings to achieve optimum levels of energy efficiency and a significant reduction in the energy costs when heating and cooling your home. 
PIR Panel meets the requirements of insurers and the standards required in the New Zealand and Australian Building codes.
Constructed with insulated, fire-retardant materials that are also non-porous, means that the surface is non-corrosive to chemical damage = Meth/ P contamination is kept to a bare minimum...virtually only the carpet, curtains and light fittings would need replacing in the event that your House It home was misused in such a way.
House It homes and studios exceed NZ Insulation Standards and the PIR panel is manufactured with recyclable materials.
The benefits of our House It homes and studios really do offer genuine, affordable living as it should be! They're JUST BETTER!

What do we use on the roof?


MetecnoSpan has a PIR Core. It is a lightweight panel system incorporating a trapezoidal external roofing product manufactured in 1000mm cover panels for roof systems with a minimum pitch of 3 degrees. Unlike single skin metal roof profiles, the strength of panel construction permits exceptional spans requiring fewer structural supports.
The composite sandwich panel construction also maintains insulation values, which aids in preventing condensation. MetecnoSpan is manufactured from New Zealand Steel coil and offers a choice of colours for the external skin. MetecnoSpan panels are available in a range of thicknesses as well as three different finishes for the internal face. MetecnoSpan can be used in either wall cladding or roof applications.
Durable and aesthetically attractive, MetecnoSpan wall and ceiling panels provide high thermal resistance, mechanical resistance and dimensional stability.


Product Properties
Panel Width: 100mm
Panel External Facing: 0.42mm high tensile COLORBOND® steel Titania colour standard.
Panel Internal Facing: 0.50mm CP Grade Prepainted Galvanised Steel. Titania colour standard.
Panel Core: PIR
Fire Resistant: Yes
FM Approved: Yes (MetecnoSpan is manufactured by our sister company: Metecno in Brisbane who is the FM Approved product owner)
Panel Thickness (mm) 40 60 80 100
‘R’ (m2K/W) 2.3 3.2 4.2 5.1

AS 1530.3 Indicies
Heat Evolved Index 0
Smoke Developed Index 1
Spread of Flame Index 0
Ignitability Index 0
BCA Group 2
BCA Part J Compliant
FM Approval: (MetecnoSpan is manufactured by our sister company: Metecno in Brisbane who is the FM Approved product owner)
FM 4471 External Wall and Roof Endurance Standard
FM 4880 Approved Class 1 Unlimited Height

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