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Affordable self-contained living under 60 m2 never looked so good! Non-porous , low maintenance, built with fire retardant materials ...what more could be needed?

House It pre-fabricated studio units really cater to rural building requirements and make great farm worker accommodation, shearers quarters, hunting and fishing sheds and holiday homes.

The remoteness and weather conditions of rural living are no match for a House It transportable turn-key unit or home. The non-porous surfaces of the interior and exterior walls of the units can be easily wiped down and washed and they cannot be damaged by sea air, sulphur or chemical erosion.

Our homes are a great living solution for rural environments as they are low cost, self-contained and can be delivered to wherever you need. The outstanding thermal performance of PIR allows our buildings a great energy efficiency rating and as a result; low energy costs when heating and cooling your unit.

The easy clean nature and tough structure of a House It unit or home makes them a great option for family beach homes, hunting huts, fishing accommodation as a bach or low-cost holiday home. They are warm and dry even through the winter months and can be wiped clean and left without worry of mould or sea air affecting the structural integrity of the House It transportable home.