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PIR Panel homes are perfect for rental accommodation purposes, as the internal walls are completely non-porous which equals minimal damage should your investment suffer P/ Meth contamination.

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Find out WHY House It homes and studios are so much better than other similar housing systems on the market right now, in New Zealand.

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A bit about us ...

The Houseit patented build system was developed by experienced builders Alan Hockly and Giles Bayley, to fill a need that they recognised in the low-cost housing market. Their vision was to provide an affordable, fully insulated, virtually 0% maintenance accommodation solution that could be transported fully assembled to the site along with being relocatable at a later date. With this, the House It prefabricated homes were developed. Houseit homes and studio units are perfect for extended family situations, on-farm worker accommodation, for a durable low maintenance beach home...any environment where you need a self-contained living space!

We have a commitment to providing New Zealand people with affordable, comfortable living!

  • House It meets the New Zealand insulation standards
  • House It homes can easily be modified to be completely wheelchair friendly
  • House It homes are durable, fully washable and non-porous - giving you a clean, mould and mildew free environment to live in

If you would like to discuss how a House It home is right for you, please feel free to call us today.


Alan Hockly 027 474411, Giles Bayley 021 2271984 & Guy Hodgson 027 2446873